The thing about a difficult phase in your life is that you cannot ignore it.

You cannot pretend that it hasn’t occurred, or brush it away from sight.

Somehow, that phase becomes dominating.

It sits at the forefront of your attention,

and almost overpowers everything that is happening within and around you.

There is a continuity, but then there isn’t.

The world goes on, it moves forward, but it seems as if it has left you behind.

Sometimes, all it really takes is that one moment,

a split second to rearrange your perspective,

muddle your emotions and tip you towards uncertainty.

When the storm comes to you, it doesn’t leave with you with much choice:

you’ve either sail through it or you stand under it,

but it won’t leave your sky till its time.

The reality is, even after a phase has passed, it leaves its mark.

It matures you, teaches you, and guides you.

You don’t choose the storm that comes knocking at your doorstep,

but you decide who you become at its departure.